Maximizing Capacity - Fill the Athlete's Glass to the Top

  • LTAD distinguishes between personal best and elite performances yet celebrates both. An athlete's personal best is about improvements in physical, technical, tactical, and psychological preparation and in skill execution and does not necessarily relate to performance outcomes in competition.
  • Elite performance relates to competing at the National Games and on the world stage and performing to national and world-class standards.
  • The ultimate aim of LTAD is to optimize the "input influences" that enable individuals to achieve lifelong wellness through fitness and sport.
  • An athlete's potential can be thought of as a glass, with each athlete having a different size of glass (potential). Many factors influence an athlete's potential, including genetics, body type, and living environment. Additional factors can influence an athlete's performance. These factors, or performance influencers, can be though of as what and how much can be poured into the athlete's glass as she or he prepares for competition.
How can SOC help athletes to fill their glass to the top with what is needed for personal best or elite performances?
  • It is important to note that daily living support may have an impact on the performance influencers and should not be forgotten. A portion of Special Olympics athletes are living in a group home, foster home, or supervised apartment. Living arrangements and daily living support may have an impact on the athlete's ability to make choices independently of the other individuals in the residence.
  • Therefore, sport selection, the ability to train frequently, and opportunities to compete may be affected by the athlete's living arrangement.