Key Factor 6: Training and Periodization

Key Factor #6: Training and Periodization

  • Periodization
    • A systematic way of organizing an athlete's training, competition, and recovery schedules.
    • Sequences the components of training by weeks, days and sessions into a scientifically-based schedule, to bring about optimal improvements in performance.
    • Is situation-specific and depends upon the training priorities and the time available to bring about the required improvements in training and performance.
    • Allows athletes to achieve peak performances one or multiple times in a year.
  • Very little information is available on periodization for athletes with an intellectual disability. This key factor is important to ensure that the athlete's program is well planned and monitored, allowing appropriate adjustments based on the athlete's adaptation to training.
  • Periodization may not be as important for the individual who is participating for fitness, fun, and social opportunities.
  • Recommendation: Coaches should consult the NSO for information on planning and periodization specific to the sport.