Key Factor 4: Trainability & Critical Periods of Development

Key Factor #4: Trainability and Critical Periods of Development

  • LTAD is based on two key ideas: trainability and critical periods of development.
    • Trainability refers to how responsive an individual is to training at different stages of growth and maturation.
    • Critical periods of development refers to points during development when training has an optimal effect on specific capacities. The specific capacities - the 5 S's of training and performance are Stamina (endurance), Speed, Strength, Skill, and Suppleness (flexibility).
  • Applying the principle of LTAD may be further complicated if participants have associated or multiple disabilities. Approximately 10 to 15% of individuals with an intellectual disability have associated or multiple disabilities and these must be considered when developing training programs.
  • Recommendation: Coaches will need to understand the influences of the cognitive impairment as well as associated or multiple disabilities when developing programs to train the five S's for athletes with an intellectual disability.