Key Factor 10: Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Guidance

Key Factor #10: Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Guidance

  • LTAD provides a framework that uses quantifiable benchmarks for evaluating and assessing an athlete's progress within the eight LTAD stages.
  • LTAD may assist in the early identification of athletes who have had an aptitude for and interest in a specific sport.
  • At each stage of LTAD, athletes can be evaluated in five areas: technical, physical, tactical, psychological, and lifestyle.
  • Recommendation: Program leaders and coaches should use a variety of recognized testing protocols to help ensure the best possible fitness and sport preparation, be it to improve physical fitness and health or to improve sport-specific performances in competition. SOC may wish to take a leadership role in integrating appropriate testing protocols into programs based on input from experts within the NSOs and from related fitness and physical activity fields.